Russian Business Law. The Current Issues

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As a product of the practice of law, this compendium is unique. Rather than providing an overview of legal issues on a theoretical level, this book focuses on key aspects of Russian business law. Distinguished practitioners have addressed selected topics from their respective fields of expertise, with priority given to issues of particular relevance for business practice in present-day Russia. The contributions range from corporate to finance, capital markets, real estate and PPP, foreign investment, competition, energy, litigation and arbitration, employment, and tax law. They cover the current status and outlook for development of legislation, administrative practice and case law. The authors are 22 partners and counsel from the Moscow office of Clifford Chance, a leading international law firm with one of the most long-standing presences in Russia. Editor: Torsten Syrbe. Readership: managers, businesspeople, in-house counsel, lawyers in private practice and students will, we hope, find this book to be especially useful.

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Твердый переплет, 384 страниц
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220 x 145 (средняя)
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