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Energy 1 Student's Book & Vocabulary Notebook

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Energy is a four-level course with dual entry at either false beginner or elementary level. Energy ensures that students have the tools and training they need to learn, remember and use new language. Energy is correlated to the Common European Framework.
*Inspires teenagers with fresh, exciting content, culture pages, project work and songs. *Develops students' vocabulary with a controlled syllabus, Memory Tips and the unique Memory Gym. *Helps students to organise their learning and check their progress with the Wordstore vocabulary notebook. *Builds students' confidence with grammar practice in real-life contexts, check pages, regular communication and skills practice. *Shows learners how to write with Writing Tips and a step-by-step guide in the Writing Gym. *Responds to all students' needs through cross-curricular content and mixed-level solutions.

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Цена: 5 376 тг.

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