Research and Design
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Research and Design

Seivewright S.

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Серия: Basics Design

The Basics Fashion Design series from AVA Publishing's Academia imprint comprises a collection of five titles, including Research and Design, Textiles and Fashion, Construction, Developing a Collection and Fashion Drawing.
As such, these books offer an essential introduction to the subject and form a comprehensive reference for students of fashion design and people with an interest in the subject.
Research is the fundamental success to any design-related project and in Research and Design you are taken through a series of chapters that explain firstly the constraints you may have as a designer and then what research is. Why you research and where you research. How to format and process the research. The book then moves into design development and the processes that you need to explore as a designer to maximise the information gathered in the research. The final chapter discusses the varied ways you can communicate and illustrate your design work.
Basics Fashion Design: Research and Design is packed with varied examples of work by talented contemporary designers and other creative people who work in the fashion industry, and is used to illustrate the no-nonsense text and to inspire you.

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Мягкая обложка, иллюстрированная, 175 страниц
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