The Global Competitiveness Report 2006-2007 (Global Competitiveness Report) (Paperback)

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The World Economic Forum continues its tradition of excellence with the 28th edition of the annual publication, The Global Competitiveness Report, featuring the latest indicators drawn from the Executive Opinion Survey, which captures the perceptions of over 11,000 business leaders worldwide. The Report provides the most comprehensive assessment of over 120 developed and emerging economies. Produced in collaboration with a distinguished group of international scholars and a global network of around 120 leading national research institutes and business organizations, the Report presents individual detailed country profiles highlighting the competitive strengths and weaknesses of each economy as well as an extensive section of data tables containing country rankings for over 160 indicators. The Report also showcases the latest thinking and research on issues of immediate relevance for business leaders and policy-makers. The forthcoming Report is expected to include thought-provoking contributions from leading thinkers in the area of competitiveness and the factors that are critical for creating a sound business environment.

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Мягкая обложка, 608 страниц
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218 x 274 x 26 (очень большая)
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