The Zahir

П. Коэльо

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One day a renowned author discovers that his wife, a war correspondent, has disappeared leaving no trace. Though time brings more success and new love, he remains mystified - and increasingly fascinated - by her absence. Was she kidnapped, blackmailed, or simply bored with their marriage? The unrest she causes is as strong as the attraction she exerts. His search for her - and for the truth of his own life - takes him from South America to Spain, France, Croatia and, eventually, the bleakly beautiful landscape of Central Asia. More than that, it leads him into a new understanding of the nature of love, the power of destiny and what it really means to follow your heart. With "The Zahir", Paulo Coelho, the author of "The Alchemist", demonstrates not just his powerful and captivating storytelling, but also his extraordinary insight into what it is to be a human being in a world full of possibility.

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Мягкая обложка, 384 страниц
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175 x 110 (маленькая)
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Пауло Коэльо (Paulo Coelho)- бразильский писатель и поэт. Родился в Рио-де-Жанейро в благополучной семье инженера. Желание стать писателем появилось у Коэльо в семилетнем возрасте, однако семья в этом начинании его не поддержала. По настоянию родителей Пауло поступил на юридический факультет Университета Рио-де-Жанейро, но вскоре бросил учебу ради увлечения любительским театром и журналистикой. В возрасте семнадцати лет из-за непримиримых разногласий с родителями Пауло был...
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