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Meier makes no pretense to design "organic" architecture; rather he willfully places his designs in a more reflective context. When asked if his use of white geometric forms might not be considered a symbolic victory over nature, he says, "No. I think that it's really a statement of what we do as architects, that what we make is not natural. I think that the fallacy that Frank Lloyd Wright perpetrated for many years had to do with the nature of materials. He claimed to use what are called natural materials, but the minute you cut down that tree and you use it in construction, it is no longer alive, it is no longer growing, it is inert. The materials we're using in construction are not natural; they do not change with the seasons, or with the time of day. What we make is static in its material quality. Therefore, it's a counterpoint to nature. Nature is changing all around us, and the architecture should help reflect those changes. I think it should help intensify one's perception of the changing colors of nature, changing colors of the day, rather than attempt to have the architecture change.

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TASCHEN, 2010 г.
Мягкая обложка, 96 страниц
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