Fidel and Che: A Revolutionary Friendship

S. Reid-Henry

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«Fidel and Che: A Revolutionary Friendship» is the story of the peasant`s son, scholar, and rebel – Fidel Castro, and his fateful meeting with the itinerant doctor Ernesto (Che) Guevara.

Not yet thirty, and both in exile, they met in Mexico City in 1955. By 1967 Che Guevara was dead. But over the course of their twelve year friendship they became two of the twentieth century`s most compelling figures. The book follows Fidel and Che on their dramatic journey from Mexico`s political underground, to war in the Cuban mountains, and ultimately into the heart of the Cold War.

Drawing on extensive research, including recently declassified material, Simon Reid-Henry interviews key personalities across three continents. He takes us to the heart of Fidel and Che`s unique relationship as what began as a political association became the most profound friendship of their lives.

«Fidel and Che» is set against the tide of revolution. It is the story of two men who shared a common dream; who became friends, comrades and brothers-in-arms and who, finally, would make an epic choice between their friendship and their beliefs

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Hodder&Stoughton, 9 июля 2009 г.
Мягкая обложка, 480 страниц
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