Tokyo 2nd edition

W. Yanagihara

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What will your tokyo encounter be? Waking at dawn for the freshest sushi breakfast at Tsukiji Market, sinking sake in the down’n’dirty alleys of the Golden Gai, playing paparazzo to Harajuku’s famed and outrageously clad cosplay zoku (costume-play gang), strutting down Ginza’s boulevard lined with fashion straight off the catwalk, blowing off steam the traditional way, in a popular neighbourhood onsen, getting your geek on in Akihabara’s bargain bins of electronics, games and manga.

Discover twice the city in half the time: full-colour pull-out map and detailed neighbourhood maps for easy navigation, our experienced author recommends the top neighbourhoods, shops, restaurants, sights and entertainment, unique itineraries and highlights help you make the most of a short break, locals reveal Tokyo’s secrets: from a kimono designer’s favourite place to shop to a rock-climbing guide’s ultimate adventure spots.

Детальная информация
Lonely Planet, 2009 г.
Мягкая обложка, 216 страниц
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