The Lost Throne

К. Кузнецки

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Hewn into the towering cliffs of central Greece, the Meteora monasteries are all but inacessible. The Holy Trinity is the most isolated, its sacred brotherhood the guardians of a long-forgotten secret. In the dead of night, the sanctity of the holy retreat is shattered by an elite group of warriors, carrying ancient weapons. One by one, they hurl the silent monks from the cliff-top — the holy men taking their secret to their rocky graves. Halfway across Europe, a terrified academic fears for his life. Richard Byrd has nearly uncovered the location of one of the Seven Ancient Wonders — the statue of Zeus and his mighty throne. But Byrd’s search has also uncovered a forbidden conspiracy, and there are those who would do anything to conceal its dark agenda…

Детальная информация
Penguin, 30 июля 2009 г.
Мягкая обложка, 608 страниц
Размер (в x ш x т)
181 x 111 x 36 (маленькая)
978-0-14-103707-3, 9780141037073, 141037075
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Цена: 3 695 тг.

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