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Groovy Homes

Groovy Homes

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Between these cover lays a collection of homes that range from the wildly eccentric to the downright gorgeous. In many parts of Asia, where design is still viewed as a luxury, these funky abodes are proof that even in the most oppressive and conservative societies, design will survive. In this book we seek out individual homes in Asia that break out of the norm and pile on the style. From tiny apartments to spacious bungalows, these projects are bursting at the seams with style and personality. In the book, you can see a few very interesting homes, which truly cross the boundaries of design. A few homes in this book belong to architects who practice corporate architecture for a living. So, when it came to designing their own place they spared no effort in experimenting with ideas that they could never get to do at work.

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Page One, 2006 г.
Суперобложка, 192 страниц
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