Architecture Now! Bars & Restaurants

Ф. Джодидио

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The latest architecture and design of restaurants and bars, from L.A. to Tokyo, is the focus of this book. Whether the challenge is merely placing furniture in a simple space, or an ambitious structural project, restaurants and bars are the sites of our most expressive architecture; more ephemeral than larger facilities or entire buildings, they are more apt to capture the mood of the times. From a skyscraper rooftop in Bangkok to a beachfront in Brazil, here are places where design, architecture, food and drink come together in inspiring combinations ranging from minimalist to extravagantly Baroque. Designed and conceived like the enormously successful «Architecture Now!» books, this publishing milestone identifies the current trends bringing architecture and design together in new and exciting ways.

Формат: 20,5 см x 25,3 см

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TASCHEN, 2009 г.
Мягкая обложка, 416 страниц
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205 x 255 (большая)
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