Ricky Martin - One Night Only

Ricky Martin - One Night Only

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Fans of Ricky Martin will need no encouragement to buy One Night Only other than knowing it exists, so it's commendable that what they will get is a pretty good package after all. On the down side, without the kind of slick studio production accorded to his albums it's clear that Martin's voice is, well, rather ordinary. But on the up side, he's beautiful, he's great fun, he's not short on stage presence, and his enthusiasm for the Latin music of his native Puerto Rico is entirely genuine.
There's a spooky moment in the opening number of this huge 1999 gig (which took place in Liberty State Park in New York) as the backdrop artfully falls to reveal the twin towers of the World Trade Center framing Martin like Samson's pillars. Once this frisson passes it's good times all the way, with the inevitable "Vida Loca" and "La Copa de la Vida" as highlights, plus guest spots from Carlos Santana and Jose Feliciano.

Songs Include: Livin' La Vida Loca, She's All I Ever Had, Spanish Eyes/Lola Lola (Medley), Shake Your Bon-Bon, Light My Fire/Guajira/Oye Como Va (with Carlos Santana and Jose Feliciano), Maria (Live Remix), La Copa De La Vida (Live Remix).

Детальная информация

Производитель: Sony BMG, 1999 г.

Формат: DVD 5 (односторонний однослойный диск)

Продолжительность: 45 минут

Звук: Dolby Digital 5.1

Упаковка: Keep Case (пластиковый бокс, амарей)

Код товара: 175231

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