Jean Michel Jarre: Solidarnosc Live

Jean Michel Jarre: Solidarnosc Live

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"Solidarnosc" is the trade-union founded in Poland at the Gdansk shipyard that was at the origin of the fall of Soviet communism.
At the request of Lech Walesa, co-founder of Solidarnosc and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Jean Michel Jarre conceived and performed this unique concert in this historic site.
In a highly charged and equally moving atmosphere in this industrial decor of other times comprised of cargo-hulls, rusty warehouses and giant cranes, Jean Michel Jarre delivered one of his best performances ever...

01. Shipyard Overture (Indusnrial Revolution)
02. Suite For Flute
03. Oxygene 2
04. Tribute To Chopin
05. Aero
06. Oxygene 4
07. Souvenir
08. Space Of Freedom (March 23)
09. Theremin Memories
10. Chronology 2
11. Mury
12. Chronology 6
13. Oxygene 8
14. Light My Sky
15. Tribute To Jean Paul II (Acropolis)
16. Rendez-Vous 2
17. Vivaldi ("Summer - Presto")
18. Oxygene 12
19. Rendez-Vous 4
20. Solidarnosc (Oxygene 13)
21. Aerology (Remix)

Детальная информация

Производитель: Warner Vision Intertainment, 2005 г.

Формат: DVD 9 (односторонний двухслойный диск)

Продолжительность: 124 минут

Звук: Dolby Digital 5.1, PCM Stereo

Упаковка: Keep Case (пластиковый бокс, амарей)

Код товара: 178802

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