Almaty Today. A tour guide to the city of Almaty

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The book "Almaty today" is the first English guide to Kazakhstan`s largest
city, providing comprehensive information concerning its attractions,
natural beauty, theaters, museums, cafes and restaurants, nightclubs
and seasonal events, as well as those goods and services required by
visitors. This book also recounts the history and modern reality of
Almaty, the cultural capital of the country. The publication will
bring you closer not only to the city itself, but also to its
citizens, providing the reader with an opportunity to understand the
character of Almaty. The guide includes walking tours in the city,
details on hotels, emergency service contact and general background
infoirmation, as well as a small list of essential Kazakh words and
phrases, which will help you become an honored guest in the friendly
and hospitable city of Almaty.

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Vox Populi, 2010 г.
Суперобложка, 251 страниц
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215 x 145 (маленькая)
5000 экз.
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