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English Together: Starter Book

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«English Together: Starter Book» is intended for young children taking their first steps in learning English as a foreign language. It is particularly helpful for those learners who need a gradual introduction to the English alphabet, simple words and sentences.

The «Starter Book» offers:

An exciting circus theme, to motivate and appeal to young learners;

A great variety of fun activities and games;

Chants and songs (recorded on cassette);

Alphabet work and handwriting practice;

A gradual buildup from single words to complete sentences.

The «Starter Book» can be used either as a freestanding introductory book or as preparation for learners who will move on to use the English Together series (1: Holiday House, 2: Cliff Castle, 3: The Golden Globe).

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Мягкая обложка, 64 страниц
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220 x 40 x 172
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