English Unlimited. Starter. Self-study Pack (Workbook)

Adrian Doff, Nick Robinson

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English Unlimited is a six-level goals-based course for adults. Centered on purposeful, real-life objectives, it prepares learners to use English independently for global communication. The Self-study Pack consists of a Workbook with DVD-ROM. It enables learners to consolidate and build upon work done in class. The Workbook provides extra 'Explore Writing' tasks plus a complete 'Explore Reading' syllabus, as well as 'Over to you' exercises allowing personalization of language practice. In addition to over 200 interactive practice activities, the DVD-ROM includes video for every unit featuring international speakers, a self-recording and playback tool for pronunciation practice, animated clips offering speaking practice in everyday situations, and customizable 'QuickCheck' tests to monitor progress.

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Мягкая обложка, 58 страниц
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295 x 210 (очень большая)
978-0-521-72634-4, 9780521726344
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Author of English Unlimited Starter coursebook, co-author of Advanced coursebook and course consultant.
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