CES (Cambridge English for Schools) 3 Workbook

CES (Cambridge English for Schools) 3 Workbook

Andrew Littlejohn

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Cbridge English for Schools offers:

— an approach centred around the whole educational context of learning English at school

— links across the school curriculum to other subject areas throughout the course, and to other classes in different countries

— ontent and concepts related to learners' ages and levels of ability

— an organisation which takes into account the realities of teaching English at school: mixed abilities, mixed motivation, time available, and class size — material which has been developd and successfully piloted in collaboration with teachers and classes in many parts of the world.

The course consists of four levels, plus a Starter level for learners with little or no previous English. The content and tasks in level 3 reflect the needs and interests of young adult learners, taking them to an intermediate level.

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Dr. Andrew Littlejohn, Ph.D (Lancaster), M.A., PGCE, B.A., has taught English, trained teachers and run short courses in a number of countries including the UK, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Middle East, and elsewhere. He is three times a winner of English-Speaking Union awards, presented at Buckingham Palace, for his writings in ELT methodology. He has published articles and papers in numerous journals and edited collections and is the author of many books (mainly...
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