English in Mind 2 Workbook with audio CD/CD-ROM Pack

Jeff Stranks, Herbert Puchta

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«English in Mind» is a four-level course for teenagers which combines engaging content with a strong focus on grammar and vocabulary. It takes students from beginner to intermediate level and is ideal for mixed-ability classes.

Organised learning.

Each level contains 16 units, grouped into four modules.

Clear learning objectives and «Check your progress» sections help students plan their learning and monitor progress.

«Unit check» sections after every unit in the Workbook.

Imaginative content.

Thought-provoking reading and listening topics expand students' knowledge of the world.

«Culture in Mind» sections give an insight into different aspects of English-speaking life.

Entertaining photostories present contemporary spoken English in a natural context.

Dual entry.

Starter level is for complete beginners.

Level 1 is for elementary students.

and contains a 16-page «Starter section» to revise key language.

Levels 2 and 3 take students from pre-intermediate to intermediate level.

Independent learning.

Free self-study CD-ROM with the Workbook.

Class projects and real-life writing tasks help students create language portfolios.

«Skills Tips» in the Workbook to develop study skills and exam techniques.

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Мягкая обложка, 112 страниц
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210 x 295 (очень большая)
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Jeff Stranks (BA, M.Phil. Linguistics) was Senior Tutor in ELT at Bell College Saffron Walden from 1981 to 1991, and then worked as an Academic Coordinator with Cultura Inglesa (Rio de Janeiro) between 1991 and 2001. He is an external assessor for the UCLES DELTA, and a moderator for the UCLES COTE scheme. He is currently freelance, producing materials and doing occasional teaching at the State University of Rio de Janeiro. Recent publications include English in Mind and More! with Herbert...

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Dr Herbert Puchta is a full time writer of course books and other ELT materials and a professional teacher trainer. He has been a plenary speaker at various international conferences and has given seminars in many countries in South America and Europe. Herbert is a master practitioner in neurolinguistic programming. For almost two decades, he has researched the practical application of cognitive psychology in EFL-teaching. Herbert has co-authored numerous textbooks and resource books...
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