Intelligent Business. Intermediate. Course Book

Tullis Graham

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What’s special about the Intelligent Business Course Book?

  • You can effortlessly blend the development of language skills with the introduction of business concepts.
  • Boost your students' business writing skills the Style Guide has authentic business documents like emails, minutes and reports.
  • Add international business flavour to your lessons with the Culture at Work' sections.
  • Challenge your students with the Dilemma and Decision' section in every unit which asks students to evaluate a real-life business dilemma.
  • Easily prepare students for BEC exams using the Workbook that has plenty of BEC-style exercises and an authentic Practice Test.

Детальная информация
Pearson, 3 марта 2005 г.
Мягкая обложка, 176 страниц
Размер (в x ш)
215 x 285 (очень большая)
978-0-582-84796-5, 9780582847965
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