Dutch Portraits

Ekkart R.

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Portrait art of Holland's Golden Age is one of the most fascinating phenomena in the history of Western art, distinguished by a powerful realism, an immense diversity and, above all, a high artistic level. The National Gallery in London and the Mauritshuis in The Hague mounted a major exhibition on the subject in 2007. The main thread running through the exhibition is the chronological development of the portrait, interwoven with several themes like the individual portrait, the double portrait, the family portrait, the group portrait, militia and regents' portraits as well as children's portraits.Within each theme a selection of works are being shown which offer imposing and also exciting juxtapositions.
In this accessible publication all the exhibited paintings are illustrated in colour and have accompanying information. The texts are prefaced by three lavishly illustrated essays on the development of portraiture in the northern part of the Netherlands and the costumes worn in portraits.

Детальная информация
ACC Distribution, 2007 г.
Твердый переплет, иллюстрированная, 280 страниц
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