Complete Digital Painting Techniques

D. Cole

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Recent advances in software and hardware have seen many painters, amateurs and pros alike start painting using their home PC. Graphics tablets are now easily affordable and high quality painting programs are available to suit all budgets. How can these new tools be used to replicate the traditional effects of paint on canvas? Complete Digital Painting Techniques will show you how whether youre an experienced traditional painter, or a beginner starting on your own creative road. The first section covers essential tools, and explains the capabilities of the programs available on the market today. The second section consists of step-by-step instructions showing how you can replicate traditional painting techniques from impasto to scumbling, and in the same way, the third section covers non-traditional styles like airbrushing and graffiti. The book also shows you how you can transform your photos using these techniques and acheive amazing results.

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Ilex press, 2013 г.
мягкая обложка, 144 страниц
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280 x 218 x 14
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