Culture Our Classroom. Teaching Language Through Cultural Content

G. Johnson, Mario Rinvolucri

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Серия: Delta Teacher Development Series

Acknowledges the role of culture in the English Language Teaching classroom. This title provides teachers with lesson content which is relevant, useful and engaging for students.

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мягкая обложка, 250 страниц
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246 x 190 x 7
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Everyone in the field of English language teaching knows the name of Mario Rinvolucri. By turns inspirational, provocative, inquisitive, unsettling and supportive he is one of the true originals in the profession. A regular gobal traveller, he must have worked with more teachers in seminars and workshops than almost anyone else on the planet. He is often a controversial figure because of his forthright views which are freely and energetically expressed. But controversy, at its best, provokes...
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