Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies Coursebook

М. Фишер, M. Houghton

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Серия: Cambridge International Examinations

This revised set of resources for Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies syllabus 0450 (and Cambridge O Level Business Studies syllabus 7115) is thoroughly updated for the revised syllabus for first teaching from 2013. Written by experienced teachers, the Coursebook provides comprehensive coverage of the syllabus. Accessible language combined with the clear, visually-stimulating layout makes this an ideal resource for the course. Questions and explanation of key terms reinforce knowledge; different kinds of activities build application, analytical and evaluation skills; case studies contextualise the content making it relevant to the international learner. It provides thorough examination support for both papers with questions at the end of each chapter and an extensive case study at the end of each unit. The CD-ROM contains revision aids, further questions and activities. A Teachers CD-ROM is also available.

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мягкая обложка, 375 страниц
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276 x 219 x 15
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Марк Фишер (Mark Fisher) родился 17 июля 1922 года в Сиднее. Умер 22 марта 2007 года в Пенсильвании
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