Schoolbook. Our Homeland. Kazakhstan – the constitutional state

С. В. Трофимова

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«Our Homeland» series is dedicated to our country – the Republic of Kazakhstan.The information of edition covers various aspects of life of the country. This information will help the students learn new and interesting things about Kazakhstan. At the end of each edition there is a quiz that will check the material learned.The series is recommended for school-age children and can be used as supplementary reading for legal awareness and world-cognition classes.«Kazakhstan – the constitutional state» edition will tell you about the Basic Law of our country and will introduce concepts such as government and elections, citizen and deputy. The readers will learn about President’s obligations and «The Convention on the Rights of the Child». Also, you will find answers to the questions: «Who makes the laws?» and «Who guards the state?», «What people live in Kazakhstan?» and «What holidays are celebrated in our country?».

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8&8, 2015 г.
мягкая обложка, 20 страниц
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290 x 197
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Цена: 327 тг.

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