Kylie Minogue. Ultimate Kylie

Kylie Minogue. Ultimate Kylie

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01. I should be so lucky
02. Got to be certain
03. The loco-motion
04. Je ne sais pas pourquoi
05. Especially for you
06. Hand on your heart
07. Wouldn't change a thing
08. Never too late
09. Tears on my pillow
10. Better the devil you know
11. Step back in time
12. What do I have to do
13. Shocked
14. Give me just a little more time
15. Celebration
16. Confide in me
17. Put yourself in my place
18. Where the wild roses grow
19. Did it again
20. Breathe
21. Spinning around
22. On a night like this
23. Kids
24. Please stay
25. Can't get you out of my head
26. In your eyes
27. Love at first sight
28. Come into my world
29. Slow
30. Red blooded woman
31. Chocolate

Bonus features:
I believe in you video, On-screen lyrics

Детальная информация

Производитель: Universal Music, 2004 г.

Формат: DVD 5 (односторонний однослойный диск)

Продолжительность: 130 минут

Звук: Dolby Digital 2.0

Язык: английский

Упаковка: Super jewel (стеклянная коробка)

Код товара: 78205

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