Wonderwall Case Studies: Works by a Global Interior Design Firm

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Masamichi Katayamas Wonderwall studio combines a truly Asian approach to retail with a global outlook that has resulted in worldwide success and influence. Wonderwalls East meets West approach to retail design has produced influential successes like UNIQLO, the Diesel flagship store, and the futuristic innards of Intersect by Lexus. The design house is based in Tokyo, with a scope and inspiration unbound by geographic borders. The bold unconstrained approach brings conventional visual branding into question and infuses new life into existing concepts. A colorful Asian take on retail design and Katayama s admitted obsession with cuboid forms blend to successfully form design spaces that visually display branding. Wonderwall Case Studies gathers these projects for an inside look at what makes their designs succeed.

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Gestalten, 16 марта 2016 г.
твердый переплет, 376 страниц
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302 x 236 x 35
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Цена: 37 933 тг.

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