Hip Hollywood Homes

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An Intimate Look at L.A.’s Hottest Trendsetters and the Inspiring Spaces They Live In

Rooted in innovation, aspiration, and tradition, daring in its scale and often in its luxury, Los Angeles style is unique. Nothing expresses these values more strikingly or more beautifully than the homes of L.A.’s hippest and most influential set: the designers, artists, stylists, and entrepreneurs whose tastes lead the way for American style.

“Just like the people who live here, Hollywood homes reflect a creativity and sensibility that is rarely seen elsewhere....With Hip Hollywood Homes, Sue Hostetler has given us a chance to peek inside some of the most uniquely designed residences in Los Angeles.” —Courteney Cox Arquette

“What does the word ‘hip’ mean, anyway? The reason I choose to live in Los Angeles is that I’m inspired by the architecture here—by the freedom of so many choices Angelenos have in how they want to live, both visually and emotionally. Style is so personal here. To me, everything about Los Angeles is about freedom—and that's hip!” —Sharon Stone

“Hollywood used to be all about cheese and glitz and schlock. What happened? Every house in this book is so hip and groovy you just want to move right in.” — Simon Doonan, Creative Director, Barneys New York

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