Bachelor Boys

К. Сондерс

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Cassie is nothing if not organised. A successful journalist, shes ticked almost all the boxes: attentive boyfriend, own flat, good job, great friends...its all fallen into place. In theory, at least. Theres one part of Cassies life, however, which is anything but organised, and thats her love for the Darling family. As the only child of ambitious parents, Cassie spent her childhood abandoned to the somewhat peremptory care of a series of nannies until one day, peeping over the garden wall, she met her nextdoor neighbours: Fritz and Ben, the boys who became her inseparable childhood friends, Gudrun, their father, and Phoebe Darling, the woman who took Cassie in and transformed her life. But now Phoebe is ill, and when she summons Cassie to ask of her the only favour shes ever requested, Cassie knows she cant say no. But what Phoebe asks is an impossibility: concerned about what will happen to Fritz and Ben after her death, she wants to see them safely married off. Yet entertaining as they were as children, theyre terrible as adults. Theyre utterly charming, ridiculously sexy and completely irresistible, but theyre also totally unemployable, hopelessly messy and irretrieva.

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Random House, 14 октября 2004 г.
мягкая обложка, 400 страниц
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197 x 130 x 25
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Цена: 4 366 тг.

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