Natalia Bazhanova: A Radiant Life
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Natalia Bazhanova: A Radiant Life

В. А. Обручев

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Серия: Российские ученые-международники

Natalia Bazhanova: A Radiant Life. Editor: Evgeny Bazhanov; The Diplomatic Academy of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia, 2017.
This edition is the first in the book series titled Russian Scholars of International Relations. We will publish stories about the personal and professional lives of our fellow citizens who have made valuable contributions to the study of global politics and economics, international relations, international law, civilizations, cultures, and ethnic groups.
This book is a tribute to the memory of Natalia Evgenievna Bazhanova (née Korsakova); (January 4, 1947 – June 7, 2014) who was an outstanding Russian political scientist, historian, economist, educator, writer, and diplomat. She gained wider prominence through her works on Korea, China, the United States, and a post-Cold War world order: Between Dead Dogmas and Practical Requirements. External Economic Relations of North Korea (1992); The Most Mysterious War of the 20th Century (Korean Conflict 1950-1953) (1998); America: Yesterday and Today, Volumes 1, 2 (2005); Chinese Mosaic (2011); International Relations in the XXI Century (2011), and more.
This book features Dr. Bazhanova’s Professional Legacy; chosen Letters to Natalia and Reminiscences about her of 150 persons, including Russian and foreign statesmen, public figures, scholars, diplomats, journalists, educators; Bibliography in Memoriam; Afterword.

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Эксмо, 2017 г.
твердый переплет, 648 страниц
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170 x 240
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Цена: 3 577 тг.

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