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Nicholas Tims

Nicholas Tims began his ELT career teaching in Lisbon, Portugal, in the days when Microsoft Word took a full three minutes to load. Undeterred and working for a schools which eschewed the use of course books, he set about writing materials appropriate for his students. Returning to the UK in the mid 1990s, he undertook a Cambridge DELTA and a Masters in ELT. His (unfinished) dissertation, which stares at him daily from the corner of his desk, is on the gap between teachers' beliefs and practice. Through publishing positions at both Oxford and Cambridge University Press, where he commissioned and worked on secondary and adult courses, and the Cambridge English Readers series, he eventually defined his dream job: writing ELT materials. As a freelance author, he has now written over 20 titles for primary, secondary and adult learners in Europe, South America and Africa. He is also the Series Editor for the Cambridge Discovery Readers. Nicholas lives in London with his partner and young daughter.